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In framing themselves, the “frames” by Daniele Cima lose their limited (and delimited) function, they ascend the steps of the hierarchy of values and become autonomous and complete works of art: no longer frames, but “Auto-frames”.

Since the 14th Century, men have been accustomed to seeing picture frames simply as accessories to art: simple containers.

Now, suddenly - in one clear and decisive act - Daniele Cima is turning the container into the content.

The object becomes the subject: they become works that in turn contain suggestions of various kinds: the electric colors of the psychedelic era, but also of a certain Latin American culture, as well as the colors of the cottages of Whitehead, La Boka, Bo Kaap, organized according to a compositional taste that recalls the works of Josef Albers, Peter Blake, Peter Halley, Piet Mondrian, Frank Stella.

His frames move from the periphery of the image to the centre, they become the centre itself: finally the frame has become the picture.