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Risyng Donckey

Risyng Donckey

The revenge of a young moron.

Turning a failure into a work of art, and making one’s own life a work of art is the power of art.

Not yet fifteen, Daniele Cima’s school report card for the year 1964/65 clearly states that he has no discernible talent in any subject: Italian, Latin, Greek, French, Maths or History.

The school report card, or “pagella”, is a summary of the marks achieved by the student in the three school terms, culminating in an all-important final result.

“Respinto “ (Rejected) means that the votes achieved are insufficient to admit the student to the next class, and that the latter must repeat the year, studying the same subjects and topics again for the second time.

In the case of Daniele Cima, defining his marks as “insufficient” is a witty euphemism.

It would be more correct to define them as “disastrous school grades”, a string of “tre” (3), “quattro” (4) and “cinque” (5). His only “sei” (6) is for physical education and was probably only assigned to him out of compassion.

In the Italian school system, 10 out of 10 is the maximum mark - the ideal - while 1 is the minimum. Between these two extremes, 6 out of 10 means satisfactory, 5 is a failure, 4 is catastrophic, 3 is tragic and 2 is assigned to those who have attempted to stab the teacher.

53 years later comes a creative reinterpretation of the document that provided such a negative assessment of Daniele Cima.

An unexpected explosion of graphic and color inventiveness that erases the greyness and sad aridity of the original document.

The works that Cima has generated based on his disastrous school report are divided into three categories: “Rejections”, his personal interpretation of that sad school document. “Distractions”, the thoughts that distracted him from studying Catullus, Homer, Porsenna and “Reactions”, legitimate exclamations in response to such a clamorously bombastic lack of success.

With “Risyng Donckey” Cima turns the tables to become the judge of his judges: the verdict is unassailable.