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Upcycled Words

Upcycled Words

According to Vladimir Majakovskij “We must stop screaming at the evils and carbuncles of advertising and instead push artists and writers to it” (1922) and according to Fortunato Depero “The art of the future will be powerfully advertising” (1931), Daniele Cima searched for the very best words of advertising in the place where they frequently and unfortunately end up: the trash can.

“Upcycled Words” is a project of recycling the immaterial:  headlines or claims or slogans, never published, written by some of the very best Italian copywriters and binned by as many companies, who didn't believe in the commercial effectiveness of brilliant creativity.

Daniele Cima has retrieved, decontextualised and charged them with new meaning.

These writings become graphic art, unexpected and surprising calligrams, words that are no longer read, but seen; no longer buried, but vibrantly alive.