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Daniele Cima is a human device to switch shapes into lines.

Daniele Cima doesn’t look at the world. He scans it.

The whole world for Daniele is a reality to be paged up.

What is judged waste material is turned out by Daniele Cima to be raw material for a graphic composition with stunning aesthetics.

Daniele Cima abstracts reality until he reaches the geometrical essence of the objects.

Daniele Cima conveys stillness and harmony, order and happiness.

Forms and colors must be organized and designed according to a joyous but rigid, personal, imperative criteria that, when necessary, also include grace.

There is no surface, from a logo to the packaging of a product, which does not look like a work of art.

According to Cima, between a frame and its content there is no difference in status: they are images, and deserve equal effort and inspiration in execution. So the frames became the pictures.

Daniele Cima thinks colors are letters of a visual alphabet. Cima composes them in a pictorial vocabulary according to a syntax whose rules are what we commonly call taste.